Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Loaded Tortilla Wraps

Uhh, has it really been over a year and a half since we posted on this blog.  Oops!
Well, that's changing right now...

I just made some amazing wraps, that I adapted from allrecipes.com.  They are called Easy Snack Wraps, but mine were fully loaded and fell apart as I picked them up.  I cut them in half, not in bite size pieces... so they weren't really a snack.

I made two wraps with different spreads, different meats, and the same ingredients. 

I think what made this wrap so yummy was the spread.  (You can make it to taste, but this is what I did)

Ranch Spread                                                                      Onion Spread
4oz cream cheese                                                                4oz cream cheese
1 tsp Ranch Dressing Seasoning Mix                                 1 tsp Onion Soup Mix
Combine and mix well                                                        Combine and mix well

With the Ranch Spread, I used turkey lunch meat and with the Onion Spread I used corned beef lunch meat (I bet a pastrami would be yummy too!)

* 1-2 Tbs spread     *lettuce     *shredded carrots     *chopped tomatoes    
*chopped olives     *mozzarella cheese     *corn     *meat 

... All topped on a tortilla. 
Roll up the tortilla, place toothpicks in to secure wrap and cut in half. 
I'd eat a half for a hearty lunch.

I made enough for 4 lunches, with fixin's for lots more!

What I'd try next time....
*I would probably include some avocado as a layer. 
*I'd like to try ham with a Italian dressing mix spread; omitting the lettuce and carrots and adding pineapple... maybe grilling the ham first, too.
*Also, like I've noticed with taco salad, this wrap piles up high and quick.  Before you know it, you can 't close it up.  I got a small tortilla this time, but I'd go bigger next time.
                                         Haha, see?..... 

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